You Should Never Travel Without It


The Covid-19 pandemic will have lasting effect on the way people travel.
Shelly will make sure you and your family get the best travel experience, with simple and quick customized insurance purchase and easy access to medical assistance in case of emergency.

Don't just insure, make sure!

What would you do when you’re abroad, and you don’t feel well? Or your child needs urgent assistance? Do you know where the nearest pharmacy is?

  • 90 sec to activate your smart travel insurance “on the go”
  • 90 sec to manage your interactions with the insurance company
  • Contact emergency services worldwide
  • Find and access medical service providers
  • Allow doctors to review your critical medical information

Wherever you are. Whenever you need.

Are you feeling well and in the best shape ever? that’s great! What if suddenly you have twisted your ankle while hiking in the Amazon rainforest?
Well if you got Shelly – just tap the button, wherever you are, and wait to be rescued. Assistance is on the way!
Don’t have Shelly yet? Well, good luck with the Kichwa tribe (by the way – what is the emergency number for police in Brazil?).

Medical care? we Care!

You are in the north of Timbuktu and you are having trouble finding the nearest hospital? don’t get nervous, you got Shelly! All the doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and even dentists, they are all in the palm of your hand – only one click away. 

So, if you need a medical assistance, with Shelly’s app, anything you need is at your fingertips – just choose the most convenient one based on your location.

Save time or save life with your medical passport.

Do you remember your kids blood type? What about allergies and medicine sensitivity? This information could be crucial to the doctor treating you.
Don’t you worry – that’s why you got Shelly! All your medical information is available and accessible – everywhere.

You just don’t travel without it. 

Download Shelly and travel 

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